A Game of Thrones

A Game of Thrones – George R. R. Martin

Does anyone ever wonder what the ‘R. R.’ stands for? Probably not. The pages of his novels want to be turned too quickly to get lost in meaningless side-issues. But it sounds cool and looks cool on the cover. The books in some sense mediate the violence and insanity seen on the screen, it’s all there but without the visual reinforcement of splatter and gore. This first novel is the best of his work so far. If you like medieval fantasies with dragons, dig in!

Hell’s Angels

Hell’s Angels – Hunter S. Thompson

Most critics of Hunter Thompson’s books like to throw around the words “Gonzo” and “crazed” and “counterculture.” All of that sort of labeling is true but none of it is meaningful. Thompson presents the clearest vision of a time dominated by uninhibited rebellion. A garish Ektachrome view through an LSD-tinted kaleidoscope, with no detail left unexamined. This book professes to be about bikers, drugs, and sex, but it is much more. Thompson captures the American id on parade.