The Firm

The Firm – John Grisham

There are several other Grisham novels that may be his best, but this first one is near the top of the list. Harvard law school grad Mitch accepts a job offer that sounds too good to be true and it is. If you get through half the story before you fall asleep, you’ll find a way to stay awake for the rest. The twists just keep coming.

American Tabloid

American Tabloid – James Ellroy

A gritty noir take on the circumstances surrounding the JFK assassination. All the bloody guts and gore of a page-turning Ellroy novel, set against the backdrop of November 22, 1963. Ellroy illustrates the depths of Federal law enforcement corruption and how much the Cuban exile community hated JFK.

Not in Your Lifetime

Not in Your Lifetime – Anthony Summers

Summers’ career as a journalist began in the 1960s, working for BBC Television. He covered Vietnam, the Arab / Israeli conflict, and the JFK assassination. Throughout the long journey to discover the truth about JFK and Oswald, Summers has been the essential source. This book is the summation of over 50 years of his analysis. It is the best starting point for any study of the JFK murder, whether driven by casual interest or a desire to dig deep into the details.