King Leopold’s Ghost

King Leopold’s Ghost – Adam Hochschild

This history of the subjugation of the Congo chronicles a time and place where the truth is more sordid and unbelievable than any fiction could possibly be. The genocide Leopold unleashed resulted in the death of eight million people, all murdered in the name of quick profits for his empire. This book is a jeremiad against colonialism and the power of raw greed.

1984: Alternative Facts Sourcebook

1984 – George Orwell

A classic work of dystopian fiction, based almost entirely on the realities of living in Stalin’s Russia of the 1930s. Winston Smith replaces yesterday’s lies with today’s lies for the Ministry of Truth and hates every minute of it. When he’s not busy altering reality or chanting “We Love You Big Brother,” he goes to great lengths to have meaningless sex with a woman he barely knows. The sex scenes are so depressing that teachers everywhere in Bible Belt America don’t think twice about assigning this book to high school students. Totalitarian fascism sucks in so many ways, most of them are catalogued in this book.

Storms of My Grandchildren

Storms of My Grandchildren – James Hansen

Hansen wrote this book because of his concerns about the future world his grandchildren would inhabit. He shares basic physics explanations, as well as his thoughts about possible future climate issues. After decades of studying the physics of our atmosphere and greenhouse gases, he is certain that we are facing radical environmental changes in the immediate future. He holds degrees in Mathematics, Astronomy, and Physics, and began his career analyzing the atmosphere of Venus for NASA. Following that work he shifted to studying the atmosphere of Earth and the greenhouse effect.